Last week, I wrote in for prayer help for a business calculus exam. I had asked people to pray for me that I could have focus of thought and clarity of mind. Well, GUESS WHAT?! After scoring 63 and 67 on my other two exams, this time I got an 83!!!!!!!!!!!! When the teacher handed me the graded exam, this evening, I almost screamed.

Thank you, once again (of many, many times) for praying for me. I appreciate it a bunch. Also, on a very serious note, I wrote in Sunday afternoon about a conversation gone bad. I had tried to take up a matter with someone and I wasn’t able to work things out with them. That person was completely unrepentant and in complete denial. It upset me. But later on that same day, I just felt this warmness surrounding me and I knew it was God comforting me.

Thank you for praying for me in this matter. I know my pastor and his wife must have prayed later that day, too. And thank you, Lord! P.S. And I’m getting wind that my husband’s former boss just might be starting to rethink things in his life and, I’m praying that he’ll come to know the Lord. We really like him and want nothing but good things for him and his family.

Julie S.