Overcoming Doubt

rodney howard browne

God never calls us to do something without also offering us the promise of His presence. When we succumb to the false power of faith barriers, we ignore that promise. But we can topple barriers with four effective practices.


Listen. God speaks to us through the Bible, teaching us about Himself and His ways. The reason Christians need to know God is because faith and trust are linked. We will not trust a God we do not know. To actively know Him, we must purpose in our hearts to follow the commands of Scripture. We do not learn about God simply by reading the Bible. We learn about Him by obeying His Word.


Leap. With courage and obedience, take a leap of faith. When God tells us what to do, we are not to wait until all the answers are known, everyone is in agreement, and we feel secure. We do what He asks the moment He makes the request.


Leave. God assumes full responsibility for a life surrendered to His service. So leave the consequences to Him.


Look. Our heavenly Father wants us to see He keeps His promises. If we look around us, we will begin to see the evidence of His presence, His power, and the fruitfulness of our obedience.


When we pull down faith barriers, we can expect spiritual freedom. Believers who refuse to cast excuses between themselves and God experience His presence and power in their lives. God is calling you—will you take a leap of faith today?