Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee | Rhonda R Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Johnny age fifty at a nursing home. I walked in his room. I followed the script completly. He just stared at me never saying a word. I could see bitterness and hatred in his eyes. I told him God lived him and could forgive him. As I exited I said ” God Bless You” He yelled at me, “Hey, If you say that… is that all I have to do?” I walked back in and smiled. I told him God loves you so much he sent a woman from Tampa Florida to tell you that. He busted out crying. He then said the prayer. The script works! Dewy age 90 in a Nashville, TN nursing home. I walked in to tell him I came to pray with him…He shoued at the top of his lungs, “Thank You Jesus”. He had been praying the last two days. He asked God to send him a person to pray and agree for salvation of his entire family in San Dirgo, CA. He wanted to go home to Heaven but didn’t want to leave till he knew they would be saved. I prayed and agrred with him for the salvation of his family. He was at peace. I was very blesses myself!!!

Rhonda R
Lynchburg Tennessee United States