Daniel Williams Testimony

rodney howard browne

What I have noticed is that by attending the River Church and being involved in the outreach and helps ministry is that it has increased my hunger to win souls. The blessing I have experienced thus far at the River Church has been tremendous in every way. I have noticed that in my personal life my work ethics have improved and my character is being shaped and molded on a daily basis. The anointing on my life has increased because of the anointing on Pastor Rodney and Adonica and the River Church leaders. On Wednesday afternoons I go out on the streets to witness. Since going, I have been amazed to see how time and time again God has used me to lead massive amounts of people to the Lord. He also uses me to speak healing and deliverance and to witness miracles in the lives of people. I know the work we are doing is fruitful because people in the communities know who we are and see that we are making an impact as a church body around the Tampa Bay area. I am also apart of the River Church food ministry which is an awesome ministry to be apart of. The ministry is intense and it takes a lot of hard work but because I know the purpose and the cause for which I am doing it for it is all worth it. It feels good to me to see the smiles on the faces of the people who take advantage of our food ministry. I now have a great appreciation for all God has done for me and I am thankful He has brought me to a church that is definitely on fire for God and making a difference and producing a harvest of souls for the kingdom of God. The way the church is functioning and has functioned is a living example of the Great Commission, “Go ye therefore and preach the Gospel to every creation. I now believe and feel as though I have finally put this scripture verse into action.


Daniel W

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee | Joshua E Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #16 Chattanooga, Tennessee

I prayed with 3 members of a family in a car at Krystalo today.The mother said they were saved and went to church, but I shared the gospel with them and got them to pray with me. The mother didn’t pray but the son and daughter did. The daughter in the back seat began to cry as we prayed and covered her face as she quietly asked the Lord into her heart.

Joshua E
not known Tennessee United States