Great Awakening Tour City # 24 Cocoa, Florida | Richie K Testimony

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I led 4 Hispanics to the Lord before they left on their trip on a plane and they accepted Him into their lives and heart. I led a man to Christ and he began to cry. Montecalvo shopping center – Man says I am Buddhist – soul winner proceeds with gospel – the he asked to see Gospel Script and read prayer out loud receiving Christ. Amy led his mother to the Lord. Gave him VCD. This experience was awesome just to see how many people came to know the Lord but on the other hand there are so many rude people out there but I led four people to Christ and my goal was eight. Yah now I know I will meet all the people I led to Christ in heaven.

Richie K
Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City # 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Kate T Testimony

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Today was a great day preaching the gospel and showing my faith to the people, it was a great experience also like in others before. Winning souls like never before for God. In about an hour both my husband and I led two people to the Lord. This is the first time someone accepted by my leading. Praise God! I gave a Spanish lady a Spanish survey and I saw her countenance change. Another guy turned off his car to hear gospel and rededicated his life to the Lord – was happy

Kate T
Port St. Lucie Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #23 Port St. Lucie, Florida | Sara J Testimony

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We were witnessing at a park. Kids were receiving Jesus. They were really excited, and they kept on bringing their friends to be prayed for, they wanted us to go and pray for their parents in the houses nearby. The same happened on a street close to the park, kids kept on surrounding us, wanting prayer. 18 prayed the salvation prayer. We also went to the hospital. Several people started crying when we were praying for them. One of them said” can you please come back and visit me?” God’s love was touching these people.

Sara J
Florida United States

Wintercampmeeting 2008 | Tovin K Testimony

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I came hungry for the fire of God. The first thing that happened was the prayer of consecration. Through the week, the Holy Spirit dealt with other areas of my life that I did not want to address. My spirit of heaviness turned to a spirit of praise. On getting back and allowing the fire to deal with all that was not of God, my marriage of 16years was miraculously healed. We have a daughter who the enemy has tormented for several years with autism and has caused us to be sorrowful. The unity with my husband has caused us to stand together and our home is filled with the joy of the Lord. Most important I am going on the streets of London with the script and winning souls for the Lord. When I first started I was unsure but keeping to the script every two out of three were giving their lives to Jesus. The camp meeting has been the best week of my life. I thank God for this ministry and the whole families are coming for the camp meeting in July and our going on the tour to Israel. May God bless Pastors Rodney and Adonica for their selfless giving to the body of Christ and sharing truth that transforms lives. I have almost your entire library of cd and dvd’s which I listen to regularly. I thank every member of the river for the love of God shown during the conference even in the toilets. What level of excellence. May God continue to pour out his blessings and anointing on you all in Jesus’ name and please we are ready to organize meetings in London whenever the Lord leads you here. Mrs. Toyin K

Toyin K
London (No State) United Kingdom