Matters of The Heart | George McCann Testimony

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As I was reviewing my notes to get a feel for this assignment, I came to the realize the amount of information that was just pumped into us in the short week that Pastor Adonica had to work with.

Before we started, it was told to us that we were going to receive a lot of information in a short time and this proved to be true.

What I got out of this week of teaching, on a very basic and personal level is to listen more to my heart and not to over think a decision. Also, to be sure that my decisions line up with the Word. The time taken should be used to be sure your decision is of God and not to satisfy the flesh.

This perspective is also taught in some of the other classes we have here at R. B. I., but I think I understood it more clearly through the teachings of Pastor Adonica.

Pastor used personal stories of instances in her own life which showed a very heartfelt teaching. This course was something Pastor Adonica lived, not jut learned through a book, which her presentation showed.

This particular teaching of Matters of the Heart came at an important time in my own life. I am at an important stage of my life in Christ. I had received a major criticism on a very personal level and did not react the way I thought I would have. This told me that my heart was not in the place I thought it was, which in turn tells me to check on what’s going in because out of the abundance of your heart…..

I realized I was being taught humility and what was the very next days topic…..Humility and Humbleness!
I couldn’t help but laugh and thank God for the opportunity to learn in a Godly setting, the lessons that life teaches you every day and the proper Christian way of handling any given situation.

For me, Pastor Adonica brought into clearer focus or gave me a better understanding what is being taught in other classes. The answers are all in the Bible and the Holy Spirit will help you find them. Just listen to your heart.

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Stephanie S Testimony

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A woman at the retirement home was lying in the bed, not moving, staring into the air. I told her that God loves her, and that I wanted share some scripture with her which I did. I prayed for her then told her that as I prayed outloud for Jesus to come into her heart, that she should pray in her heart. As I finished up I said” Jesus thank you that you now live in her heart..” and she broke out into a big smile and I asked her if she prayed the prayer with me and she nodded “yes”. She seemed to literally come to life by the end of the prayer. It was a glorious moment!

Stephanie S
Georgia United States

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Sheila B Testimony

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Mark 16:17 in the nursing homes today as I began speaking to one of the men, the Lord began to deliver him from demons. He began to shout outloud his eyes were wild. When that began I told the demons to leave him, loose him and go in Jesus name. They left him. He prayed and received Jesus as Lord and Saviour and was filled with Holy Spirit. Another lady who received the batism began speaking in tongues. She could feel the Holy Spirit flowing out her belly. I gave her a script and told her to pray with everyone that came into her room.

Stella B
Carolina United States