Matters of the Heart | Grace Meyers Testimony

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I was thrilled to serve my house and Pastor’s Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne with an awesome Super Sunday week-end [13th December] 09. Being apart of The River Tampa Bay church, as well as being a Bible school student has changed my life. The things God has shown me, taught me, etc have been life changing.

On the 13th of December, I had the privilege of working with The River Kids. Little did I know what a surprise I was in for. Growing up with parents who are pastors, travelling the world with them on revivals, I could say that I’ve had my fair share of attending more than 100 different children’s churches. But I can truly say that Sunday, the 13th of December, was something I had never quite experienced before, in a Children’s Church. At the age of 20, I truly wanted to be a child again.

I had never heard such a massive scream in my life, as to who loved Jesus – The boys against the girls. Competitions that even I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of. The children were truly captivated with the message Joe Manner had put across to them, using eggs, whipped cream, and water as a demonstration of sin and how God washes us clean. (I’m sure you can imagine how fun that would be.) The children learned about how God loved them – and watching 154 children give their lives to Jesus, in just 1 service, was powerful. We also gave away toys (including bikes), to all the children between the ages of 0-16years.

Never before had I seen such a change in children. They had walked in the doors of The River Kids in the morning with such a weight on their shoulders, to then them leaving with smiles, toys, and the joy. They, having had the most fun in a long time, with a message of how special they, are and how Jesus loved them. Children of all ages, backgrounds, and races; at the end of the service, all had something in common – that Jesus lived in their hearts. I’m beyond blessed to have helped out with The River Kids.