Rodney Howard Browne – Karen C. Testimony

This week at the Great Awakening, it has been just incredible! It was the week of the Winter Camp meeting. And persons from all over America and the world were here in Tampa, FL at the revival meetings. I had the privilege of working the registration table, hospitality, phones and outreach! The Lord is so good because this passion of soul winning has been igniting every person that steps foot into the River Church. The CTN broadcasts have been amazing! And the after broadcast services have been indescribable!

Rodney Howard Brown stated that the glory of God, the presence of God and the anointing that is felt in the church is real. As the 92 year old sister said last Sunday, “Now this is what I call church!” It really is! The anointing is truly tangible and transferable. Pastor has been preaching the past couple of nights on the Great Commission. It’s like I have been recharged yet again with a new boldness to expect signs to follow the preaching of the Word. It should just naturally come with it! I’ve seen persons who have been in church many years this week get touched and full of the fire of God and receive a passion for the lost and get on the streets to win souls and receive a life-changing transformation.

They have a testimony and their lives will never be the same again. I am that same person and before revival and receiving the fire of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I wasn’t winning souls either. But it is awesome to see so many people catching the same passion and vision to be going after the same thing Jesus did – souls! Hallelujah!  -Karen C.

Rodney Howard Browne – Amie J. Testimony

The second week of The Great Awakening, and it seems like it has been a month already because of how much God has already done! I had the privilege to give a testimony one of the night services this week about how God healed a woman that I prayed with during soul winning. Since I was going to be on TV, I told my family to watch the show. Rodney Howard Brown stated that well, the word got around fast through even my distant family, and tons of my unsaved family ended up watching it just to see me! The best part is, family was able to watch from many different states. I believe their lives have been greatly touched because they are a witness to what God is doing in my life. They also had many seeds sown just during the time they watched The Great Awakening show.

This has truly opened my eyes to the vast impact The Great Awakening is having on America. This is huge! Many people I know from all over the US have seen through my Facebook page about The Great Awakening. Some have even watched it, one woman tapes it every night and watches them when she gets home. Her life has been radically transformed just by watching on her TV at home. The fact that the power & presence of God is transforming people in their homes is amazing me. It shows you that there’s no box we can place God in. We can’t just think that our only way of getting people saved or transformed is if we get them in the four walls of our church. God is so much bigger than that! All in all, this past week has really changed my perspective on how big God really is!-Amie J.

Rodney Howard Browne – Sarah H. Testimony

What an awesome week celebrating the Lord and being a part of the Great Awakening. I am enjoying every service that I am able to watch. I can’t wait until Saturday as me and my family hit the streets of Tampa, Florida winning souls for Jesus Christ. Rodney Howard Brown stated that last Saturday was an amazing day. We were a part of the weekly soul winning team here at the River Church that takes place at 9:30 am. We saw salvations, rededications, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. I spoke with an elderly lady that was full of love and was touched by the Spirit of God as tears streamed down her face when asking Jesus Christ to be her Lord and Savior. She said that I confirmed something in her heart and I know that this was a divine appointment set up from up above.

This is one of many things that I fortunate to be a part of. What an honor to be a soul winner and working for the kingdom of Heaven.  I see life in the eyes of the lost, and freedom in the hearts of the condemned. I remember how that was me, and as miserable as I was, I knew of no way to be free. This is my life’s desire, to be one with Jesus and doing what He did. I love Him and praise Him for what He has done for me and the whole world. So as me and my family set out to go soul winning this Saturday, I know that great things are going to happen. All Glory to God!    Hallelujah! –Sarah H.