Rodney Howard Browne – Maria H. Testimony

During the time that I have been participating at The Great Awakening at The River Church, The Lord has blessed me by giving me the opportunity of going out for Soul Winning. What is Soul Winning ? Soul Winning is not a program, is not a rehearsal, it’s a PASSION. A Passion that burns inside your heart, a desire to go out no matter the place or the time to talk about JESUS, to save SOULS !!! We as Disciples and Children of the Lord have a mission on this earth, don’t wait any longer and get souls…

Go out for the lost ones and save them from the enemy. It’s our responsibility. Jesus said ” I have call you to be fishers of  man ” John 21. Soul Winning is not a natural thing, it’s a Miracle. The Souls that are coming and receive HIM. It’s like the story of the nest in the Bible.Jesus stretched the nest for more fishes,Muslim,Islam or any other nationality. It’s not a natural thing, it’s a Miracle in a city, outside the walls of the church. We have been fishing for souls, the more we do, the more the Lord gives us. Power over nature. The soul Winning gives each of us the chance to tell about Jesus. How much He loves each person and how important is to have Him as # one in our lives.

What do we do ? Where do we go ?What tools do we need ? As I said before Soul Winning is not a program, it’s a PASSION. Couple of weeks ago we went to a near Community to do  Soul Winning and I had one of the most wonderful experiences. I led twelve people to the Lord and some of them receive the Fire of God and spoke in tongues. One of the cases was the young guy by the name of Austin ( 21 years old ) who accepted the Lord and spoke in tongues for the first time.

Two days ago 1/18/11working with such enthusiasm at the Call Center I brought twelve persons to the Lord. The one who really touched my heart was the lady from Florida who accepted the Lord, was delivered from the spirit of FEAR and now she will go out and win SOULS …amen. All you need it’s a scripture to show each person,then you go out and ask as many people the Lord places in your path. What are you waiting for ? Go, do as I did. Save SOULS… More SOULS for the Kingdom of  The Lord. For HIS glory. -Maria H