Rodney Howard Browne – Luis T. Testimony

I came from Hialeah, Florida in a state that I was hungry for God’s power. I wanted to go to new places with God, but I found myself not being able to find a church that practiced the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I was also planning to attend another Bible college in Orlando I had actually completed the first year online. I decided to go to The River Bible Institute because one day I had gone to Orlando to make preparations to attend the other Bible College. On the way back my dad wanted to come visit the River Church since we had been watching the great awakening on CTN.

When we arrived at the River Church my dad ended up speaking to Pastor Daniel and he introduced us; as we began to talk, my dad had told him our plans, and Pastor Daniel offered my wife and I both scholarships. This really helped with our expenses I thought, but I would have to pray about it. I prayed about it and God confirmed it was His will, so I made the decision to come to the River Bible Institute.

The Great Awakening Tours stated that God has transformed me since the day I started the school. I was a person that was very prideful and had very high standards for things. Through the anointing and the circumstances I been facing here, I have been humbled and will never be the same. I changed the way I view myself and the things of God….Luis T.

Rodney Howard Browne – Janeth B. Testimony


As I watched it I started to ask God, “Lord what can I give you, I have nothing that’s worth anything”. God suddenly told me, “Give your purse, wallet and shoes”. In the beginning when he asked me to do that I was not so happy because that was the only expensive purse I had and it was a gift given to me that meant so much. But I just knew that I didn’t want to leave the place without having sowed something. I took my belongings out of my purse I started to cry so badly many things came to my head but I didn’t allow it to stop me from not giving what God had me to give. As I walked towards the stage I started to cry so much and as I laid my things in the floor I felt as a huge wall broke inside of me. The shyness, doubts, sadness, etc left my body as soon as I laid everything down.

The next day I knew God was going to keep his promise to me about taking care of me. He even told my mom as she was in church that same day, “Don’t worry about your daughter because I am taking care of her”. When my mom shared this with me I just started to cry because it meant so much to me to know that God was with me and has not left me and never will. Great Awakening Tours says that since I had to fly over here I couldn’t bring many things and a lot of my clothes I leave behind and didn’t have money for clothes or anything, but on Sunday a friend that I had met came up to me with a bag full of clothes and jewelry. God truly has been listening to my prayers and has been watching over me. As someone told me, “This is just the beginning of the blessings that are yet to come”. I truly believe it, all it took was obedience. I am just excited to see what God is going to continue to do in my life while I take this journey….Janeth B.

Rodney Howard Browne – Maria M. Testimony

Since coming to RBI, the Lord has healed me from insecurities.  I always felt that I could not do anything right.  It was put in my mind that I would not do well in school, not as a child and certainly not in RBI.  I have been so on fire for God, that I have a very good feeling about myself.  I know that I will do very well.  I will be able to excel and complete   the school year in Great Awakening Tours.

I did not know that there was so much that God could do for me in such a short time, that God would be able to use me for His glory.  By being so full of the fire, He has peeled so much off of me that was there since a child.  He has taken awake hurt, insecurity, unworthiness and has given me joy, a new way of thinking, and love.  He has given me a passion for the lost, a desire to win souls.  I hunger for the things of God.  He has shown me how to trust in him.  He has shown me not to trust in the world, but in Him.

I am so amazed at the change in my life.  My family tells me that there is something different about me. There is a glow on my face.  There is an amazing peace of God in my life.  I can say to myself; I can do this for His Glory and Honor.  Praise the Lord.

Rodney Howard Browne – Christa M. Testimony

I’ve been at the River I have never been the same! God took what I thought was impossible and made it possible .He blessed me with a scholarship a job transfer and a place to stay. I’ve learned how to step out and have deeper desire and boldness to win the lost with the tools here at the River! Jesus set me free to set the captives free since I’ve been here I have led over one hundred people to the Lord .Prayed for healing for people and them to receive the joy and the Holy Spirit and they got it! It’s such a joy to my heart to see people going a hundred miles an hour for the things of the world and make a total u turn! Their faces are priceless I have realized it’s not about me but, about advancing the kingdom of heaven I can’t say into words how grateful I am for the River and Pastor’s they have encourage me so much the first couple of weeks I was here it was like all hell broke loose with new relationships with people I met here. The Great Awakening Tours stated that I realized it was not the person but the enemy trying to take me out. But, it’s not about me it’s all about Jesus! He put a burning hunger to see this generation saved it’s all about souls and I have an eternal fire that has been imparted on my heart. I want to thank all the Pastor’s for the impartation I have received and for the days to come I have learned endurance and long-suffering what it really is. I love the River it’s all about souls, souls, souls and the kingdom! My life is not my own and will never be the same! I have a GREAT JOY to say that!  Lots of Love, Christa M.

Rodney Howard Browne – Frances H. Testimony

I saw the transformation in her life, and she planted the seed in my head to come here. From the first service I have heard confirmed words that He spoke to me, while I was yet a far off, words like that by the end of summer I won’t recognize myself, and that all of these trials are just preparation for some future circumstance when I’ll need to look back and see the wondrous things He has done and gotten me through, and that I need to start asking for the big things of God and not begging for survival from the Creator of the universe. The all-consuming fire of the Holy Spirit is burning away the fear and trepidation I have about speaking in front of people, about being seen by people, about being myself.

My life-long battle with lack, He told me last Thursday that lack is no more in my life! I believe Him not only for my needs for right now, but for His big, big plans for me! In each case where my flesh rises up and I continue in obedience in spite of it, like my first time soul winning or working on the phones, He blesses me abundantly right after in my spirit.  There are layers and layers of freedom being unwrapped as I continue to cry out to Him. Even in the pain of crucifying my flesh daily there is new oil, new wine, new joy of the Lord to sustain me! I have no where to run away to. Rodney Howard Browne stated that there is nothing else. I told Him the first week of revival that if He didn’t give me boldness, if He didn’t BURN inside of me, then I might as well die. It sounds dramatic, but I don’t want anything else, and if I don’t really get this right now, I’m finished. I’m so marked by this school, even just so far as this is the beginning, that I will never be able to settle for mediocre or complacent again, in Jesus name…..Frances H.