Rodney Howard Browne – Regis A. Testimony

I must first say “What an amazing two weeks!”  I listened and watched online the first week then attended live in person at The River the following Wed. morning. His power and presence was there to touch every open heart.  We ordered a complete set of cd’s as a reference for building a strong foundation for the walk of faith to run the race.

For me, I was in a marinade letting the oil breakdown and soften a hardened heart of hurt, and pain I thought was gone, but was really hiding.

On my way to church I dropped off my car at the collision center to replace the front plastic bumper and grill damaged from some road hazard, I thought maybe $500.00 would cover it until they popped the hood and took a look inside. WOW the hidden damage inside the engine compartment was very extensive, brackets, condenser, radiator, arm support yada yada yada. The repair jumped from $500.00 to over $2300.00 and that’s three to four times more to fix what we couldn’t see just looking from the outside. The adjuster asked how long I’ve been driving the car like this, I said “Just over 1 year now.”   He was amazed that everything appeared to be working in the condition it was in.

As the van drove me to church I thought “That was me!” showing a little damage on the outside and a wreck on the inside. “Jesus fix me” I’m hurting, I’m still functioning, but could be sidelined if this isn’t addressed properly. Get in the service Wed. morning, Wed. night, Thurs. morning, Thurs. night, Fri morning, and Fri. night.  MARINATING. I’m feeling the tug for bible school.

So with a Pastoral recommendation I’m back in Bible school…..again . Going to let Jesus work on me …..again. The driver of the van got saved,…. and as for my car….it’s still in the shop……Regis A.