Rodney Howard Browne – Nick B. Testimony

I came to Tampa nearly four weeks ago from North Carolina. God has been doing awesome things through me and tome. Before I go into that I must give you a background concerning before coming to The River. In 2007 I was saved, set free, and delivered from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  I was radically changed, and knew I would never be the same ever again. I had a passion for God, and loved the things of God. I got plugged in at the church that I got saved in. Pornography plagued me the whole time in my walk with God.

I was always condemned and defeated. I would serve the Lord for two or three weeks, then I would run back into the world. I knew of God, but didn’t really know Him. Fast-forwarding four years to January of this year. I started watching the Great Awakening, I was greatly blessed, started winning a few souls, but still struggling with pornography. RMI started offering scholarships to anyone feeling called to the ministry and I knew it was for me. So I moved down here with nothing planned in the natural, just a little money and a plane ticket. I took the city-bus to the river, and started walking down the drive.

Overwhelmed with gladness I couldn’t believe I was actually here. Jesus started doing awesome things from the very start. I felt different every single service, I felt free. I knew Jesus was breaking things off of me, probably more than I know. I feel like I have grown ten years in the spirit. Words really can’t explain what has been going on in me. I’m giving more than ever before, soul-winning like never before. I’m learning to truly trust God and over 100 people have been saved on the streets since I’ve been here. I have finally figured out why I’m alive. God is so good……