Brienna Testimony

Reflecting back on Wednesday’s message caused me to reevaluate myself.  The parable about the stony heart really hit home for me. I never thought that I was a person that could have a stony heart because I am most of all a loving, forgiving, and very positive person but I realized even though I walk in love physically some things had overcome me mentally. Not even knowing that this was one of the very things that kept me from receiving all that God had for me; I wasn’t in a position to hear clearly from the Holy Spirit or even receive the Word. I was letting situations and trials cause me to miss what God was trying to do.

As I sat in service I just sat in amazement how God has just used his people in different ways to pour into us.  Service was just the icing on the cake.  Since I have been at the church, I have been walking in victory through Jesus Christ in faith. I have been trusting in God and letting him lead. I am walking into everything that God has for me so I am going through a process which causes me to die to self daily. God is breaking me; humbling and working on my character. The Spirit is speaking to me through his Word and I feel a compete shift. One thing I have learned is if I yield to God and I am obedient to Him and His Word; my heart is right and open to receive, then he will do great and mighty things and use me to shake the nation. He is just equipping us for this movement; a mighty move of the spirit of God.

After every service or class, it’s like God is continuously releasing things that were once a mystery for six years to me. He is speaking through the Word; He is alive. Thank God he has willing vessels to teach us important principles that we need as we fight the good fight of faith.