David Testimony

This month has been really good, the Lord has been working.  I’m learning how to walk in love with people even when you feel that you are right.  The department that I am in will stretch you in many ways.  I am not a person that used to being on the phone.  I have no brothers or sisters, I’m the only child.  I was used to getting my way.  In pastoral, you are on the phone a lot; the Lord has done a quick work in my heart.  Now it does not bother me anymore so if you allow the lord to do the work he can use you in any avenue that is needed.  I just got back from a GAT that was awesome! The lord is definitely moving in churches across America.  Just like these GAT we’re having and the churches are allowing us to show them how to take cities.  This is the secret to ministry: humbling yourself.  The Bible says that “the meek shall inherent the earth”.  You look through the Bible and you see mighty men and women that turned the world upside down. How did they do it? By humbling themselves.  The exalted shall be humbled, and the humble shall be exalted.  The lord has a heart for the people that humble themselves.  This month was a very humbling experience for me, but the lord has exalted me because I didn’t complain or murmur. I just did what I had to do, thank you Jesus.


Michelle Testimony

As the end of my internship is coming closer, it feels like everything is just coming together. Obviously I’m not done learning, because as Pastor David likes to say, when you’re in the school of the spirit you never stop learning however old or long in the ministry you’ve been. But I do feel as though with everything that I’ve done during my internship, I’ve finally have begun to understand its use for me. For example, little things I had to do that I didn’t understand why I had to do them or what they had to do with ministry, I now understand that even those things will further help me be successful in not just ministry but in living a godly lifestyle. To me internship isn’t about a step towards launching out into ministry, but a step that I needed to take to be able to develop a godly character to live a godly life, so whether I go into full time ministry or just live a “normal” life that I can be an ambassador of Jesus Christ with that character and live a life glorifying him. Internship was very stretching, but in the end it is so rewarding. I realized that there’s nothing I cannot do with God. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” That scripture was a core scripture for me during this last year of RBI. The word of God never fails. It’s been tried and proved many times.

— Michelle

Rachael Testimony

In this stage of my internship, the Lord is teaching me many things. Most of all, he is teaching me to be willing to do whatever He says and that He will provide for what He requires. I am currently preparing to go to Camp Morgan in April. It is a miracle in itself that I am going; because I said I would never go. I began trusting God for the finances to go as well as for supplies. The supplies have already been fully supplied! I also have multiple checks coming in the mail from various people to help pay for the tuition cost of Camp Morgan. I am learning more and more that God always provides! I have always said His will, His bill as I heard from classes at The River Bible Institute in previous years. Now, I am continuing to see this statement take place. As we decide to obey what God wants, he will always make a way; no matter how impossible it may seem, because with God all things are possible! In the past month, I have been getting a revelation of this verse. Even with it being a verse I have heard so many thousands of times, I am just getting the revelation of this Bible verse. Because God is my strength, and not I, in His strength I can do ALL things, not some things, or most things, but ALL things, and I am confident that this will become even more real to me during Camp Morgan