Rodney Howard Browne – Hicran M. Testimony

I am so glad to be here in the school. It is getting even better. Until I came to Tampa, I felt almost like a Muslim-Christian. Just lately I have been feeling the freedom and flow of the Spirit. Even after finishing the first year of school. I guess it takes a while to be detoxed spiritually! Pretty much up to that time I was religious and doctrineted properly. Even after the first year I was still not very open to the flow and the move of God. Over the summer break and God’s continuous work in my heart I came hungry and thirsty for this school year.

Especially the first week of school was awesome. Even the introduction of pastors was enough to smack me! We moved Tampa to basically to come to school. There is not any reason for us to live here other than the River really. But after being here it is more than enough reason to stay here! I often feel like about the school and church that i have found a treasure chest and want to share with everyone. We are telling our loved ones to come and even just sit under this ministry for a week and see what we are talking about.

It is so precious to me. I thank God for such man and women of God and their impact in our lives. Not only by teaching in the class but every way they live and conduct their lives. I have lot to learn from them.Thank God that he kept them for such a time like this and for us. I am so excited to see and receive what God has for me this year. i go to school with expectation every day. He has still a lot of work to do in me. You never know what will take place that day. Even just last thursday the Spirit of giving broke out and everyone was obedient to God. Some people even broke their alabaster box. I am looking forward to see might things happen this year in students life…..

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