The Man Behind the Myth

Why did God have to do it that way? Ever since Adam

sinned in the Garden of Eden, man had been separated from God

by his sin. So God needed a sinless man to pay the price for sinful

mankind. Only a man who was without sin could pay the

penalty for sinful man. God and man came together in one person

—Jesus Christ — in order to cut an unbreakable covenant

between God and man.


Jesus said that He would give Himself. “I’m the one. I

will become a man and pay the price for man’s sin so man can

have the choice to come back to the Father.” So the Word came

into the womb of a virgin, and nine months later Jesus came

forth just like a regular baby. Now, the baby Jesus didn’t fly

around the crib, you know! He had diapers. He had to cut His

baby teeth. He did all this and everything any other child would



Just think about Jesus’ boyhood. What was it like for

Him growing up in an ordinary family with brothers and sisters

and a mother and father? What was it like for them and for Him,

knowing that He had a supernatural mission, that He came from

heaven to the earth to die for the sin of mankind?


When Jesus was a young man, twelve years of age, He

and His family went to the temple in Jerusalem to pay their

taxes. Joseph and Mary were already heading home when they

realized He was missing. So, they went back to Jerusalem. They

found Him in the temple, discussing the things of God with the

priests. When they discovered Him they were angry, asking Him

where He had been. He said, “Did you not know that I must be

about My Father’s business?” (See Luke 2:49.)


Jesus knew what His mission was. Even as a young boy,

he knew He had to be about His heavenly Father’s business.

Somebody would say, “But Your father’s business is working in

the carpentry shop. What do You mean, You’re about Your

Father’s business?” The young Jesus had to live like a regular

human among regular people — all the while knowing He was

different — VERY— different!


What was it like for Him as a teenager? Imagine all the

pressures of growing up and coming to adulthood that teenagers

have. There must have been pressure that He faced when the

young girls showed interest in Him. The Bible tells us that Jesus

was tempted in all the ways that we are, yet He was without sin.

(See Hebrews 4:15.) If you look at history you will find that the


Jews during this time period would get married young. Many of

the young boys were trained in the family business by the age of

thirteen, and some of them had their wives chosen for them by

their parents years in advance.


You wonder what other people were thinking about Jesus.

“Maybe there is something wrong with Him. He shows no interest

in women.” When He was twentynine years old and not married, you can

understand why people might have thought there was something wrong

with Him!


On top of that, Jesus kept talking about the fact that His kingdom

was not on this earth. Where did He come from? Was He from another planet?


He was not interested in political things and didn’t really care who was

in power. He had no hatred for anyone, including the government of the day.


He could have grown up with a chip on his shoulder because, when he

was just a toddler, all the little Hebrew boys in Bethlehem, twoyears-

old and younger, had been slaughtered by Herod — who

was trying to kill the “King of the Jews.” Yet Jesus never said,

“I’ll overthrow these Jewish traitors and Roman dogs. We’ll raise

up an army and take them out.” Not once did He ever mention it.


He must have seemed odd, different in many ways from His

brothers and sisters, and He was not interested in following His

earthly father’s footsteps either.


But all these pressures were forming Him and shaping

Him, preparing Him for the greatest mission ever known to man.

Jesus’ eternal purpose was greater than just what was happening

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